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Dear writers who kill dogs…

Dear Writers Who Kill Off  Dogs;

Not to be overly regulatory, but I believe if you are going to kill off a dog in a novel, you should have to put a little warning label on the cover. Readers are sensitive about many things, but there is nothing that gets down in their cockles like the mistreatment of animals. I know. In my first cozy series I committed the sin of wounding a bird in book one. The bird was damaged mind you, not killed. Though I diligently explained the bird’s road to recovery, I got more mail about that than the murdered characters. People love their animals in illogical ways, most of all, their dogs. Why is this? Perhaps it’s the fact that dogs have no voice and they are the epitome of unconditional love. I am not sure, but what I do know is if I’m writing a book about dogs, they’re going to live, by gum. If I’m reading a book with a dog as a character, I jolly well expect Fido to survive. Irrational? Yes. Unrealistic? Maybe, but it’s a deal breaker for me. If that critter dies in chapter five, I’m out, and I don’t care how riveting the plot.

So there you go. Am I alone in this? How do you feel out there writers and readers of planet Earth? Can you handle dead dogs in your novels? 

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Test your spring trivia knowledge…


imageBlogging over on the suspense sisters today.  Do you know the answer to this question?

Of the eight U.S. Presidents who died in office, how many died in the month of April?  

Click the link to find out the answer and to learn of some wacky spring happenings!

Springing into a new season…and a crazy contest!

Test your Nutcracker trivia knowledge! Quiz time!



Yes, I know it’s only October, but it’s never too early to test your Nutcracker trivia savvy! See how many of these answers you know.

What’s your dog’s personality…..a quiz for dog lovers!




I’m still getting to know our rescued pup, Junie. This means I am still staring at her frequently asking, “Why did THAT seem like a good idea?” Glad to know from this quiz that Junie is “the life of the party.”

What’s your dog’s personality? Does the quiz do your dog justice?











Either/or…a quick romance reader survey!


summer dog

All right! Let’s find out what YOU, my darling blog readers, prefer in your novels. Comment with your picks  and speak your mind!



Do you prefer...

1. Either LONG NOVELS (400 pages plus) or SHORTER novels (approximately 250 pages)?

2. Either UNKNOWN VILLIANS that aren’t revealed until the end, or UP FRONT VILLIANS who are up close and personal from the get go?

3.  Either MILITARY/COP protagonists or the EVERYMAN type hero?


Let’s hear from you!


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Take this ‘Are you a spring genius?’ Quiz!




Yes, well, I’ve er, discovered that I’m definitely NOT a spring genius after taking this Farmer’s Alamanac quiz! It does remind me, however, that I’m super glad I live in California! If you’re brave enough to give it a try, let me know how you do. I only scored a TWO. Sigh! Happy spring!

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Phrases that will make a writer hug you…



Yes, we’re fragile people, we writers. We secretly and not so secretly covet your approval. While we may not show it under our thick skins, we adore it when our readers shower us with the phrases below.

1. “I couldn’t put it down.” As a mystery/suspense writer, this is music to me.

2. “I always guess the ending, but I didn’t in your book.” It’s HARD to trick readers. They are very smart and savvy. If I can deliver a surprise….winner winner chicken dinner!

3. “Your book really resonated with me.” We connected. You, me, the printed page. That’s amazing and utterly priceless.

And my absolute favorite…

4. “Your book encouraged me.” To be braver, kinder, closer to God. There is no greater privilege that to be able to encourage another person.

So what phrases are music to your ears? Giving away a signed book and a IHOP gift card. 🙂

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Important Friday quiz…which Minion are you?




I told you I deliver crucial info on this blog. So which Minion are you? Post your answer and you’re entered in the January contest for a book and gift card.


Which Minion are you?

Which Christmas movie character are you? Quiz time!




These things are important to know, aren’t they? And even more important to share!


Which Christmas movie character are you?










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Perfect gift for mom? A fun quiz.




The perfect gift for me? Well, according to this quiz, I’m gonna get a coolio crafty something from my kiddos! Imagine what your kids would say about you (or ask them personally!) and take the quiz.


Perfect Gift for Mom Quiz!