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Our October winner is….




Terrill Rosado! Congrats, Terrill and thanks to all who participated this month!

What fall tradition are you? Quiz time!




Because I know you look to this blog as a source of critical information and a font of wisdom, here’s a quiz that will put you in the right fall mood. See which fall tradition most matches your personality. Share and you’re entered into the October drawing for a signed book, an iTunes gift card and a fall surprise!


Which fall tradition are you?  Quiz!


And as a bonus, I’m also doing a Rafflecopter giveaway for another prize pack. It’s a double whammy! 🙂


Rafflecopter Prize Pack Giveaway

What’s your perfect fall getaway spot? Quiz time!




Man, could I use a vacation. How about you? I mean with books to write, report cards to work on, the yard to prep for winter and those ominous reminders about how many days are left until Christmas, it’s no wonder I could use a fun trip! Sadly, this is not going to happen, but a girl can dream right? Here’s a fun quiz which is supposed to match your fall personality with the perfect getaway location.

Share your results and your entered to win a signed book, an iTunes card and a fall surprise!

The perfect fall getaway for you!

My Writing Life…Through Papa Bear’s eyes




I could tell you all sorts of riveting info about my writing process which would be sure to bore the socks off you. Yes, I’ve had 30 books published. Yes, I’ve won awards. I could recite chapter and verse about the nuts and bolts of my process, but I figured it would be much more interesting to see it through the eyes of the guy who watches me do all this business…the hubster, Papa Bear. He not only watches, but he helps with research, reads through countless pages for me, and holds my hand when the going gets rough.  Here’s what I think Papa Bear might say about his wife, the writer. (We’ll have him weigh in later in the comments and see how I did. )

1. She gets completely mesmerized by an idea and that’s going to wind up in a book somewhere, somehow. It’s beyond a passing interest. She talked about halibut for three days after she learned their eyes migrated to one side of their bodies! There’s gonna be a halibut in a novel at some point.

2. She alternates between self assured and insecure. At some point she will throw the manuscript on the floor and say, “I’m not sure if this is genius or a pile of you-know-what.”

3.  She is not terribly organized. There are piles and post its and notepads everywhere and now there are even notes on the bathroom mirror. Oy!

So hubs. Did I get it right?

What would your husband/children say about your work habits or hobbies? Giving away an iTunes gift card, a signed book and a Fall surprise this month! I would SO love to hear your comments. 


Which dog breed matches your personality? A fun quiz!




Did you ever think you have much in common with your dog? I do. We’re both a little…er…high strung. We are creatures of habit, very loyal and not exactly athletic. Below is a fun quiz to reveal which dog breed most matches your personality. Share yours and I’ll share mine!

All comments get you entered in the August/September contest for a signed book and an Amazon gift card!

Dog breed personality quiz

What career were you meant for? A fun quiz.











Let’s have a bit of fun, shall we? Take this fun career quiz (link below)  and post your results. You’ll be entered to win a signed book and Starbuck’s card. Winners announced August 31st! Can’t wait to hear about your ideal career!



Glam quiz time dahling! Which iconic actress are you?



Because I am a hoity toity writer (no, let me change that to novelist) I lead an extremely glamorous life. There are the multi city book signings, the TV and radio interviews, five-star hotels and chocolates on the pillow each morning. At least, that’s what it’s like in my imagination.

Stepping out of my fantasy life, is not so glam. I drive a Toyota, clean up after the dog and spend a lot of time hunting for lost socks and car keys. You know what? I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, but it’s fun to pretend once in a while.

So take this quiz, and tell me which iconic actress you are! Post your results to the blog and you’re entered to win an OH SO GLAMOROUS book and ‘boat in a bottle’ necklace.