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Reviews…good, bad and excruciating!

imageAh reviews. We authors live and die by them. A five star review on Amazon? Woo hoo! That link is going to be posted everywhere in my cyber world. A measly THREE stars from Romantic Times? Grrrr. That’s not even going to make my web page. Glowing reviews or horrible ones, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. While I’d love to believe that I am the amazing author I imagine myself to be, in reality I’m just a hard working gal who’s trying to get a bit better with each book. The same is true of the horrifying reviews (“Mentink should never be allowed within spitting distance of a keyboard again!”) If the review is a personal attack, I’m going to discount the vitriol, but generally there’s a kernel of something in there which is the truth. Characters a little flat? Ouch, but I’m going to remember that when I dive into my next novel and try to improve. I’m not going to tell you it doesn’t hurt. I can read ten five star reviews, but the one that’s going to stick with me is the one suggesting that my dog could have penned a better novel. Reviews come with the territory and nine times out of ten there’s something to be learned from them (even the bad ones!) Below I’ve posted links to two of my reviews (one good and one not so good) so you can see what I mean. The second is from a reviewer who felt that I focused too much on plot to the detriment of the romance. It hurt to hear it, but it made me want to improve in that area.

Do you recieve criticism in your work or personal life? How do you handle it? Giving away a Dana Mentink and Alison Stone book this month and a Starbuck’s gift card. Appreciate your comments!






Have you traded the printed page for a screen?

The numbers are staggering. Amazon reported a 70% increase in their digital sales last year. As for print books? They’ve increased a paltry 5%, the worst growth rate in 17 years. Surprised? I’m sure you’re not. Show of hands, how many of you have e-readers? I do and I love my trusty Kindle. The instantaneous gratification cannot be beat. The storage? Super duper compared to my shelves full of dusty old tomes. So why, I ask myself, with a world of digital books at my fingertips, ready to be loaded onto my Kindle, do I also possess a teetering stack of books? There’s no sense to it really. Obviously we’ve all embraced the digital generation (which accounts for the 23 million digital products sold via Amazon last year.) My question is…once we’ve tasted the digital Kool Aid, is there any turning back? I speak for myself here when I say I still nurse a craving, deep down, you understand, for the feel of a book in my hands. I long for the smell of an old, musty volume that hasn’t left the bookshelf in decades. Yes, I eagerly click that button on my Kindle and move the percentage finished bar along at a good clip, but sooner or later, I’m going to need my “real” book fix. I realize this is probably a reflection of my advancing age. Youngsters are weaned in front of the screen now, so perhaps this “book craving” is not a part of their psyche.

What about you? Do you read exclusively on a -e-reader? Or do you also hear that siren song of the printed page? Comments get you entered in the March drawing for a Starbuck’s card. Cartoon mom

Five star reviews, gee thanks guys!

And to think…I’m not even RELATED to these folks. Thanks for the kind words about Desert Desperate, my inspy comic romance in ebook format.

I loved everything about this book! Mystery, suspense, adventure and romance,
this book has got it all. There are some hilarious scenes that made me laugh out
loud – the author definitely knows kids – from toddler to teenager. I liked the
way she shared her message about faith – it made me think about my own
priorities. I learned some interesting things about the desert and the creatures
and plants who make it their home. Most of all, I loved all the characters and
hated to see “the end”. I’m hoping for a sequel! Diane (Amazon five star review.)

This author has a sense of humor I really enjoy. Very cute story. I didn’t want
to put it down. I’ll be looking for more of this type of book from her. – K.Sprout (Amazon five star review)

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