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Phrases that will make a writer hug you…



Yes, we’re fragile people, we writers. We secretly and not so secretly covet your approval. While we may not show it under our thick skins, we adore it when our readers shower us with the phrases below.

1. “I couldn’t put it down.” As a mystery/suspense writer, this is music to me.

2. “I always guess the ending, but I didn’t in your book.” It’s HARD to trick readers. They are very smart and savvy. If I can deliver a surprise….winner winner chicken dinner!

3. “Your book really resonated with me.” We connected. You, me, the printed page. That’s amazing and utterly priceless.

And my absolute favorite…

4. “Your book encouraged me.” To be braver, kinder, closer to God. There is no greater privilege that to be able to encourage another person.

So what phrases are music to your ears? Giving away a signed book and a IHOP gift card. 🙂

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