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Burritos with a side of book? Chipotle tries it out.


Here’s some interesting news for people who love to eat and read. Johnathan Foer was sitting in Chipotle with nothing to read and bingo! Inspiration! Foer has joined forces with the Chipotle chain of restaurants to print stories on their paper cups. Whose stories? For starters, Toni Morrison, and George Saunders. He was going for a mix of styles, fiction and non fiction, a way to expose some 800,000 Americans to a sample of good writing.

Clever idea, or not? Do you think other chains should get in on the act? Maybe  Starbucks could print the next Stephen King effort on their cups? Or Pinkberry could feature a J.K. Rowling story or two? What do you think of this idea? Giving away a Barnes and Noble gift card this month.

The book biz is going down the tubes? No way!

Doom and gloom for the book business! Boy, I get tired of hearing all these depressing proclamations! Personally, I see some very positive things about this crazy industry so for what it’s worth, here are my two cents on the GOOD things happening for people who love books.
happy book
#1) There are more books available now than ever before. Ebooks, print books, iBooks, fan fiction. You name it and you can find it. There is also that old fashioned invention called, The Library. A whole world of prints books (and now ebooks!) available for absolutely nothing. Could there be anything better?
#2) Young folks are reading. Yes, I know they’re spending plenty of time texting, Facebooking and the like, but they are also reading online content. Unlike my generation, these pups have grown up getting their information via the screen versus the written page. That doesn’t mean they don’t value reading, they just do it differently.
#3) Online reviews are tools to point you to (or away from) books before you plunk down the dough. As someone whose books are constantly reviewed (by fans and haters alike) I have experienced both edges of the review, but as a reader, I am happy to peruse a few commentaries on a book before I purchase. I don’t always allow reviews to color my decision to buy, but it’s nice to be able to feel the waters before the money leaves my pocket.

So what do you think? Are these things you see as positives? Are there other things you’ve noticed about the book biz that please or displease you?