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Don’t tell my students about my favorite thing…



No, not writing, not learning….my favorite thing is candy. That makes me sound so shallow, doesn’t it? I’m a hopeless sweettooth, so much so that my latest protagonist in Paws for Love is a chocolate maker. This, of course, required lots of sweet research! All these thoughts of chocolate put me in mind of a great YouTube mini series entitled Cross Country Candy Adventure! Check out the video for a chance to win some sweet prizes!


I must devour milk legs, immediately!

There is an inherent problem with my line of work. Writing fiction novels requires massive research. The novel I’m working on now for Moody is set in Guatamala, therefore, massive research is in progress. Because an overactive imagination is a requirement, I can practically taste the canillitas de leche (milk legs), a candy famous in Guatemala. The sugary, milky taste? The soft fudgy texture? The melt in your mouth sensation? Can I taste it? YES! And I’ve never had the stuff before in my life. So you see the problem? I’m in the throes of a terrible craving for a Guatemalan candy which I have never sampled. Ah well. At least the calories are imaginary, too.

Has anyone tasted this fabulous confection? Please share!!!

Quick candy poll….

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What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Mine is pictured here.