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The green turkey confession




Yes, well, I can explain. There was this year, you see, when I was commissioned to cook the Thanksgiving turkey. This involves rubbing and salting and peppering and herbing and such. I was not informed of the fact that dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh. What’s a few tablespoons of dried parsley and sage among friends, ay? It turns out these spices, when used in concentrated amounts, can tint your turkey green. Fact. Too much is bad thing. That applies to certain topics in writing too. I will share.

1. Including many adverbs/adjectives. The young, sensitive woman tenderly clasped the quivering yellow feather in her quaking clammy fingers. Did you get bored somewhere in the middle of that? Readers do, too. They’ve got good imaginations. They don’t need a lot of clutter.

2. Including too many characters with similar names. Bob and Rob, Jenny and Lenny, even Jill and Jake are going to confuse things.

3.  Adding too much figurative language. “Knock it off,” he yelled in a voice as loud as thunder. She trembled, as unsteady as the leaves in a storm. “Man,” she thought. “He’s mad as a bull in a china shop.” Figurative language is like salt. A little enhances, a lot ruins the whole thing.

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