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Have you traded the printed page for a screen?

The numbers are staggering. Amazon reported a 70% increase in their digital sales last year. As for print books? They’ve increased a paltry 5%, the worst growth rate in 17 years. Surprised? I’m sure you’re not. Show of hands, how many of you have e-readers? I do and I love my trusty Kindle. The instantaneous gratification cannot be beat. The storage? Super duper compared to my shelves full of dusty old tomes. So why, I ask myself, with a world of digital books at my fingertips, ready to be loaded onto my Kindle, do I also possess a teetering stack of books? There’s no sense to it really. Obviously we’ve all embraced the digital generation (which accounts for the 23 million digital products sold via Amazon last year.) My question is…once we’ve tasted the digital Kool Aid, is there any turning back? I speak for myself here when I say I still nurse a craving, deep down, you understand, for the feel of a book in my hands. I long for the smell of an old, musty volume that hasn’t left the bookshelf in decades. Yes, I eagerly click that button on my Kindle and move the percentage finished bar along at a good clip, but sooner or later, I’m going to need my “real” book fix. I realize this is probably a reflection of my advancing age. Youngsters are weaned in front of the screen now, so perhaps this “book craving” is not a part of their psyche.

What about you? Do you read exclusively on a -e-reader? Or do you also hear that siren song of the printed page? Comments get you entered in the March drawing for a Starbuck’s card. Cartoon mom