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Freebie…novella for dog lovers!

Hey, all. I honestly can’t remember if I posted this on the blog already but here’s a free novella for your reading enjoyment.

Why my writing is going to the dogs…..



Sometimes is seems as though my writing life revolves around themes. Currently, it’s dogs. That’s all right with me because I love dogs, I think of them as angels in furry coats! I’ve embarked (no pun intended) on a lighthearted dog themed series for Harvest House while also writing a K9 cop story for Love Inspired Suspense which features a big old slobbery bloodhound named Hawk. So there you go! I’m adding some dogs to the fictional pantheon! Let’s have some fun making a list of famous fictional dogs. I’ll start us off with the obvious….LASSIE!

Your turn! Can you think of any famous fictional dogs? Post your reply and you’re entered to win a signed book and a neato ‘boat in a bottle’ necklace at the end of the month.


It wouldn’t be the 4th without a little destruction

Have I mentioned my dog is the nervous type? She doesn’t like loud noises,  flyswatters, brooms that might fall unexpectedly onto the hardwood floor, engines backfiring and such. As the calendar creeps closer to the 4th, the hair on her neck stands up. When the kids in the surrounding neighborhood light their fireworks, she turns into a shivering mess and as for the fourth of July itself? It’s not pretty. We’ve given up going to watch the fireworks from the local park so we settle in to see them over the back fence while Nala runs in terrified circles or tries her best to transport herself mentally to some deserted island. She usually pretends Boo Boo’s room is said island. Being the savvy dog owners we are, we stay home and let her hide and wait it out. Unfortunately, Boo Boo’s door has a tendency to swing shut which is why Nala destroyed the carpet three years ago trying to scratch her way out. We learned from this and installed a magnet catch thingy so the door will not close on poor terrified dog. The following 4th of July, after we had the carpet stretched and damage repaired, she again sought out Boo Boo’s room and managed to pull the door loose with her tail, again locking herself in and again the carpet was destroyed. This year we’re trying a different approach. The vet gave us some nice white pills that will help Nala relax as the terrifying evening unfolds. Will let you know how it goes.

How do your pets react to the fireworks? Post a comment and you’re entered to win the July drawing for an iTunes card and a signed book.