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Seriously…I have the BEST idea to change the face of books forever!




Okay editors of Earth. I know you, like me, absolutely adore words. Oh sure you have to insist on pesky word counts and such in order not to produce a volume too heavy for the average sized human to heft. I gotcha. And I know I probably aggravated the beejeebers out of you by submitting that last manuscript with a couple thousand words too many, but listen! I have the BEST idea! I mean this is gonna shake up the writing world more than the invention of the ebook. Ready? Take a peek at the video. You can thank me at your leisure. I’ll wait right here by the phone.

Click. You’ll love it. Promise.


Edits… why my husband will not let me torch a building properly!

I’m knee deep in them! A mystery project tootling around with one editor. Final edits on a hurricane story with another and a proposal in with a third. Edits! Those dastardly things that drive us crazy (and, incidentally, make us better writers!) My husband was in the fire service for 30 plus years and every time I write a fire scene, I ask him to look it over. Without fail, he patiently explains why my glorious incendiary inferno isn’t factually correct. “But mine is more dramatic,” I wail as I clomp off to the computer to edit the scene. Not what I wanted to hear, but yes, it will make the book more realistic and hence, well, better, darn it.

I enjoyed reading this quote from Maya Angelou on comments received from her editor.

‘Many times he has said to me over the years or asked me, Why would you use a semicolon instead of a colon? And many times over the years I have said to him things like: I will never speak to you again. Forever. Goodbye. That is it. Thank you very much. And I leave. Then I read the piece and I think of his suggestions. I send him a telegram that says, OK, so you’re right. So what? Don’t ever mention this to me again. If you do, I will never speak to you again.’

Writers and readers, hsad faceow do you feel when you receive constructive criticism? Have you found any ways to make it sting less? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Giving away another Starbuck’s card for the June drawing!