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Important Friday quiz…which Minion are you?




I told you I deliver crucial info on this blog. So which Minion are you? Post your answer and you’re entered in the January contest for a book and gift card.


Which Minion are you?

Name that candy! A sweet little quiz.



I’m trying to write two books at once. This creates stress. Stress activates my sweet tooth. This is a problem.  To prove the severity of my problem, I can report that I did WAY TOO WELL on this Name That Candy Quiz! How well do you know your sweets? This is a low tech quiz, so you have to keep track of your own answers. Would love to hear how “sweet savvy” you are!

12 Days of Christmas…for writers


Christmas gift


Writers write. No news flash there, but many folks are surprised at how much time we also spend on promoting/marketing our books. “You mean your publisher doesn’t do that?” Sure they do, but they also expect that we authors are going to put in our share of effort to get the word out to the public. Unless you’re a Stephen King or a Debbie Macomber, most of us wee little authors are going to spend as much time promoting as we do writing (without the benefit of a publicist.) It’s tiring, I’ll tell you. So here’s a list of the 12 Days of Christmas treats for writers. (Feel free to hum along!)

On the 12th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…..

12 volunteers to review a new release in exchange for a complimentary copy.

11 folks who actually follow through and post that review (less one because sometimes things happen in life that you can’t control.)

10 people to comment on the blog

9 Facebook likes for the latest post

8 Facebook shares of “new release” information

7 new Twitter followers

6 minutes to chat with a reader at a book signing

5 nifty Goodreads recommendations

4 requests for blog interviews

3 amazing new blog post ideas

2 deadlines met ahead of schedule

1 new contract to write

Whew! That certainly would be an amazing twelve days! So just curious…what do you pay attention to in terms of author promotions? Facebook posts? Tweets? Goodreads/Amazon reviews? Those little bookmarks and magnets thingys authors are always handing out? What sort of author promotions interest you? Giving away a VISA gift card and a signed book this month! 

And the September winner is….

Cozy Nook Books! Congrats! Thank you all for participating in my blog this month!


Next contest starts tomorrow! 🙂