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Blogging over on the Suspense Sisters about my superhero ability….I’m never bored! Stop on by and post a comment to win an Amazon gift card!

What’s your hobby?

Yogi and I recently started up a new hobby that we’ve been longing to begin for years. We bought a dollhouse, of sorts, and painted it up. Yesterday we visited a store CHOCK FULL of everything you could want to decorate your wee little house. We left with some starter furniture, wallpaper, carpet and a miniscule roasted turkey (which Yogi felt our dollhouse would not be complete without.) Several hundred dollars later and our dollhouse is looking more like a home. I am getting the sense that this is going to be an expensive hobby but having my 14-year-old want to discuss options and embark on a craftie adventure with me? Priceless!


So what’s your hobby? Do share and you’ll be entered in the July drawing for a iTunes card and signed book.

What’s your summer highlight so far?

Wait! Wait! It can’t be nearly July yet! Who put this crazy life into fast motion? Sheesh. To finish off our blog this month, what’s your summer highlight so far? Mine was visiting Safari West in Santa Rosa, California. It was an amazing experience to get up close to the animals. Even more amazing? ALL the Mentinks enjoyed it, even our teen aged members. So what’s your summer highlight so far?

All comments get you entered in the June drawing for a Starbuck’s card and signed book. (You can comment on more than one post and that gets you entered multiple times.) Cool, no?

What’s your fave flave?

I don’t remember so many flavor choices for candy canes when I was a wee one. Yogi and Boo Boo both gave out canes this year. Yogi opted for the traditional red and white and Boo Boo went for Sour Patch flavor. We also discovered the stores were stocked with chocolate mint, fruit, bubblegum and broccoli flavors. (Just kidding on that last one. I wanted to see if you all were reading carefully.) Have you seen any crazy flavors in your neck of the woods?

As always, all comments get you entered in the monthly drawing. The December treat is a Starbuck’s card and signed book.

Fave holiday treat?

It’s that time of year where we can prepare all of our fave holiday recipes without guilt (or not much guilt anyway.) So what’s your favorite special holiday food?

Mine is Divinity, a sort of white, fudgy like stuff that is pure delish! And oh dear! It’s so tricky to make. For instance, you simply can’t prepare it when it’s raining, don’t ask me why.

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When do you get in that Christmas mood?

I’ve been contemplating decking the proverbial halls. As soon as that turkey debris is cleared away, I am ready for Christmas carols and holiday decor. My thirteen year old, Yogi, says she’s just not feeling it yet. It got me to thinking….when do you start feeling that rush of ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas?’  Do you have a certain time or event that kick starts your holiday? Do share. Blog comments are entered in the gift card/book drawing as usual.