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Some fun spring news…and a giveaway!

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Here’s a link to my newest Spring newsletter! Lots of goodies, sneak peeks and book news! Take a look!


A new season with new chances to win!

What career were you meant for? A fun quiz.











Let’s have a bit of fun, shall we? Take this fun career quiz (link below)  and post your results. You’ll be entered to win a signed book and Starbuck’s card. Winners announced August 31st! Can’t wait to hear about your ideal career!



Why my writing is going to the dogs…..



Sometimes is seems as though my writing life revolves around themes. Currently, it’s dogs. That’s all right with me because I love dogs, I think of them as angels in furry coats! I’ve embarked (no pun intended) on a lighthearted dog themed series for Harvest House while also writing a K9 cop story for Love Inspired Suspense which features a big old slobbery bloodhound named Hawk. So there you go! I’m adding some dogs to the fictional pantheon! Let’s have some fun making a list of famous fictional dogs. I’ll start us off with the obvious….LASSIE!

Your turn! Can you think of any famous fictional dogs? Post your reply and you’re entered to win a signed book and a neato ‘boat in a bottle’ necklace at the end of the month.


We want realism in our fiction…sort of!



I saw a Twitter post recently about how cop shows on TV are not realistic. I thought to myself….exactly! Why would we want them to be? In fiction, there’s a fine balance between realism and what reads well. Do we want to see the real life of a cop? Nah. We want to see the exciting parts, not the day to day sitting in meetings, writing reports and training. Do we want to see the realistic day in the life of a firefighter? Nope. Most of their time is spent training, cleaning, and doing medical transport. We don’t want boring, we want Backdraft! How about the glamorous life of a fiction writer? Unless you want to hear pages about me sitting in front of the keyboard under my garden plum tree, I’m thinking most readers will pass. We want a writer like Castle who solves cases in between penning award winning novels. So do readers want realistic fiction? Yes, to a degree. We want details and interested facts, the essence of a protagonist’s profession, not the actual reality of it.

What professions do you like to know about in your fiction books? And how much realistic detail to you like in your fiction? Giving away a signed book and a ‘boat in a bottle’ necklace this month in honor of my 20th book for Harlequin! Prize awarded at the end of July.