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Pack your bags, it’s time to…research?

One of the greatest joys I have as a writer, is learning about something or someplace I have never encountered before. Often this learning comes completely unexpectedly, after some plot twist sends me off on a research mission. At the moment, I’m busily learning about search and rescue dogs, flood behavior and the Samoan islands (not all for the same book, mind you.) For the last year, I’ve been immersed in all things Guatemalan and I’ve learned some fascinating facts about this country. Here are three that piqued my interest:

-Guatemala uses the metric system, but gasoline is measured in gallons. (I don’t know why I find that intriguing, but there you go.)

-The quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala, is fantastically colored and the males can sport three-foot long tails.

-Beaches, mountains, jungles and highlands, Guatemala has it all along with more than 30 active volcanoes. Recently, the Pacaya volcano spewed material more than 400 meters into the air! Do you enjoy fiction books that teach you something? Do share a few titles that you’ve enjoyed! Posts get you entered in the July Amazon gift card drawing.

Care for a free trip to the jungle?

Such an opportunity I’ve got for you! Would you like a free galley copy of Jungle Fire? I’d be happy to send you one when it comes out in a month or so. No strings, just post a quick review (good or bad) on Amazon or Goodreads. Any takers? Supplies are limited. If you want a sneak peek you can check out the sample chapters here.


I must devour milk legs, immediately!

There is an inherent problem with my line of work. Writing fiction novels requires massive research. The novel I’m working on now for Moody is set in Guatamala, therefore, massive research is in progress. Because an overactive imagination is a requirement, I can practically taste the canillitas de leche (milk legs), a candy famous in Guatemala. The sugary, milky taste? The soft fudgy texture? The melt in your mouth sensation? Can I taste it? YES! And I’ve never had the stuff before in my life. So you see the problem? I’m in the throes of a terrible craving for a Guatemalan candy which I have never sampled. Ah well. At least the calories are imaginary, too.

Has anyone tasted this fabulous confection? Please share!!!

Those Guatemalan snakes are serious!

Yes, I’m still knee deep in research and today’s interesting fact? Guatemala is home to the barba amarilla considered to be one of the most venomous snakes in the world. I am sure one of these critters will wind up slithering into a scene or two! Here in Northern, CA, We don’t have too many dangerous animals besides rattlesnake on some of our hiking trails and black widows. There is the odd mountain lion sighting, too.

What are the dangerous critters in your area?

Off to Guatemala!

I’m packing my fictional bags to head for Guatemala. It’s a new suspense novel set in the Peten jungle, that I’m working on. That’s part of the what I love about writing…I learn amazing things about places flung far and wide across the globe. I have a notebook crammed with facts and figures already including the amazing topographical diversity of this country (jungles, mountains, two coastlines) and the tragic bloody history (a thirty year civil war!) Another project I’m scribbling away on is a book set at a ski resort in the Sierra Nevada. So there you go, one foot in snow country and the other in a steamy Guatemalan jungle. I love my job!

Is there a place you would visit, if funds and time allowed?

Please share. Comments get you entered in the January contest for a signed book and Starbuck’s card.