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Author tip: top three ways to annoy people…


pexels-photo-958164.jpegYep, I worked real hard to land that first publishing contract and boy howdy, it wasn’t a piece of cake to land the other thirty plus either. Writing professionally is difficult and we authors have an obligation to trot our names, awards and five star reviews out into the world to encourage people to BUY OUR BOOKS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Writing books goes hand in hand with selling them, and if one is to continue in this biz, tooting our author horns is vital. But here’s the thing…it’s really important to keep the priorities clear when one is in this nutty business. In order that my head does not begin to put too much stock in my press releases, I remind myself that, at the end of the day, people will not remember my cover, my book, and my reviews no matter how many stars are attached. It’s not false modesty, it’s fact. Each year more than a million books are published,  so my meticulously crafted words are buried in an avalanche of plenty of other fancy syllables from a bazillion other wordsmiths a lot more talented than I. (#noraroberts, #irenehannon, #geronimostilton)

So now that I’ve eaten that slice of humble pie, let me just wrap my mind around three sure fire practices that might just annoy the beejeebers out of my friends. (Pay attention, Dana. You don’t have that many friends to spare.)

1. Make sure you bring up your fancy author career in every conversation. Yep, it’s sure as shooting that everyone you encounter wants to hear all about your wacky fiction writing accomplishments. Maybe you could have a tee shirt made…. “I’m An Author, Legend in My Own Mind.”

2. Be sure to promote yourself NONSTOP on all social media platforms. Don’t talk about anything else, or people might get distracted. (I’ve been told I should have at least 30,000 Twitter followers. Only 28,000 to go! Must remember to beef up tweeting schedule to fifty three times a day.)

3. Never stray outside your “writing brand persona.” You’re a suspense writer so ALL of your social media channels should reflect this. (Brace yourself, people of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. I am prepared to deluge you with every kind of intense, edge of your seat promotion. Repeatedly. Over and over. Until your brain memorizes the name Dana- Buy-My-Books-Mentink. (No humor or warm fuzzy sentiments allowed, people. It’s all deadly serious business.)

All kidding aside, people, I know that the reality is I need to self promote in person and on social media, but that’s my business, my real work is encouraging people. I will never forget during my student teacher days, assisting a sobbing kiddo who dropped her special belt into the toilet. Did I stick my hand in there and fish it out? Yuppers. Was that important work? Absolutely. At the end of the day, nothing I ever write will probably mean as much as fishing a belt out of the toilet for a distraught child.

I hope I never forget that lesson.


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Burritos with a side of book? Chipotle tries it out.


Here’s some interesting news for people who love to eat and read. Johnathan Foer was sitting in Chipotle with nothing to read and bingo! Inspiration! Foer has joined forces with the Chipotle chain of restaurants to print stories on their paper cups. Whose stories? For starters, Toni Morrison, and George Saunders. He was going for a mix of styles, fiction and non fiction, a way to expose some 800,000 Americans to a sample of good writing.

Clever idea, or not? Do you think other chains should get in on the act? Maybe  Starbucks could print the next Stephen King effort on their cups? Or Pinkberry could feature a J.K. Rowling story or two? What do you think of this idea? Giving away a Barnes and Noble gift card this month.

It’s not about the book on the shelf…it’s about the next one!

speedskaterWriting professionally is all about the “next” project, not the one you just finished. Yes, the book that just hit the shelves is exciting, but those who are in the biz have one eye on the newest release while their fingers are busy on the keyboard with something else entirely. I struggle with this concept because the newest release should be the sole focus of my marketing efforts. More hours should be spent promoting that precious new baby…more Facebook posts! More Twitter updates! More blog interviews and bookstore visits! Instead my enthusiasm is all directed at the “next” project. Case in point, Final Resort, the last in my three book Treasure Seeker Series just came out this month. Yes, I’m promoting and sure I’m tracking reviews, but what have I spent four hours on this morning? The book that is two slots down the road from that one. I’m knee deep in a natural disaster series so it’s hurricane season for me, no more time for the snowy Sierras.

Have I mentioned that I’m a writing fanatic? One project is not enough to keep my feeling up to snuff, so I’m also researching short track speed skating in preperation for an Olympic themed suspense that will release in time for Sochi, 2014. And because my natural bent is humorous mystery, I’m editing another little tome that takes place in Amish country, Ohio. Uh huh, I am slightly crazy most of the time. How can I justify this insane need to write like a fiend? I’ll borrow a slogan from my favorite short track speed champion Apolo Anton Ohno. His motto? “No regrets.” I’ll never come close in my life to what he has achieved, but I’m jolly well going to try to use up every tiny morsel of talent that God gave me while I have the chance. Quick! To the next chapter! The race is on!

Do you feel that passion, that undeniable drive in certain areas of your life? What keeps you pushing forward? Would love to hear your thoughts!