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Best sellers…would you read any of these?

I am fascinated by best seller lists, because it’s like taking a peek at the pulse of the nation’s readers. Here are the top five print/ebook bestselling books according to the New York Times for this week.

1. The King, by J.R. Ward.Black Dagger Brotherhood continues as a royal bloodline is compromised by a grave threat to the throne.

2.  I’ve Got You Under My Skin, by Mary Higgins Clark.The producer of a true-crime show must contend with participants with secrets as well as her husband’s murderer.  

3.  The Fixed Trilogy, Laurelin Paige, for adult audiences only

4.  Shadow Spell, by Nora Roberts. In County Mayo, a falconer with an unresolved past falls for his sister’s best friend

5.  Missing You, Harlan Coban. Kat Donovan, an N.Y.P.D. detective, searches for the ex-fiancé who left her years before, and for her father’s murderer.

Interesting variety, no? I would probably not choose The King (not into vampire and paranormal) or The Fixed Trilogy (I generally skip imagethings with covers featuring scantily clad people doing unmentionable things), but I would probably give the Mary Higgins Clark book a read, and I enjoy most everything Coban has written. What do you think? Would you read any of the top five bestsellers on the list? Comments get you entered in the drawing for an Amazon gift card.

King/Queen of romance writers? Hmmm. What’s your vote?

crownAnd now to nominate the royals for the category that sells like mad, yet nobody will admit to reading…romance! It’s funny how romance novels are often dissed as trashy, fluff pieces, yet a whole gaggle of people seem to read them voraciously. According to the Romance Writers of America website, romance novels far outperform other genres of literature, including religious/inspirational books, mystery novels, science fiction and classic literary fiction. So who would be considered the queen of this secretly popular genre? I think I’d have to nominate Nora Roberts, or “The Nora” as fans playfully refer to her. She has more than 400 books in print (romance and a sci fi detective series), a number I find staggering! Nora says, “I think love matters most – it’s the most powerful emotion that we have.”

For King? A guy who doesn’t write romance, Nicholas Sparks. If you ask him, he’ll tell you he writes fiction about love, yet he isn’t categorized as a romance writer. Why? In my opinion, it’s because he’s a man. If he was a woman writing those stories, we’d sure enough call him a romance writer. Ah well, tomato or toMAHto, his book Safe Haven spent 62 weeks on the USA Today’s bestseller list and many of his novels have zoomed to the big screen.
So what do you think? Are there any romance readers out there (or maybe you have this friend who reads them…) Who would you nominate for King and Queen of Romance writing?