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Rein in those horses, writers!


Hi, all. Just saddling up for some last round final edits and I thought I’d share some hard won wisdom with you! Check out the video link below!









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Writing a synopsis…the ugliest baking you’ll ever do!

Yeah. There are fun parts to writing…the plotting, the moment when you get that INCREDIBLE IDEA, the research, getting a peek at the new bookcover. Then there are those moments which are just about as much fun as crawling through thorn bushes in your birthday suit. The most wretched task for this writer is whipping up that synopsis. This is a process by which you take an amazing idea, strip it of all the art and charm and whap it out there in all its ugly horror for your editor. Oh, and you have to do this while somehow showing you are a master of your craft. Sigh. Here’s a video to describe the process.

So what part of your job or chore list would you be happy never tackling again? Do tell!

How do you reward yourself?

RelaxingFinished that novel? Yep, it’s been four months of cranky followed by three weeks of deadline crazy and a couple of days of outright collapse, but the silly thing is done. Go me! So what’s my go to reward? That new fiction book I’ve been hearing so much about. The one that JUST came out and I’m going to have to pay full price for instead of waiting for a library copy or the paperback version. I’m shelling out full boat for that incredible hardback copy and I sure hope the book will live up to the hype.

That’s how I reward myself for a job well done (and there might be a tiny bit of chocolate tossed in there too.) How do you reward yourself? Do share!