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Tell me about your wacky pets!





In honor of National Pet Day this weekend, I’m surveying my blogger family about their animal family members. At Mentink Manor, we’ve got a box turtle currently in hibernation, and a new puppy ready to shock the stuffing out of that turtle when she emerges from her winter’s nap. We’ve also got a parakeet who has laid 14 eggs, to date.
So what about you? Tell me one funny fact about your pet and you’re entered to win a signed book and an IHOP gift card next week. 

Siblings should stick together. That’s what I tell my girls. Friends come and go you see, but sisters, now that’s something special. Of course, I have three sisters and I have to say they’re pretty awesome people and as chance would have it, they’re all animal lovers. Collectively, we have four dogs, two parrots, one box turtle, fish, a parakeet, a rat and a frog. Vacations involve a complicated shift in personnel and animals to accomodate the needs of all these critters. My sisters love my animals and I love theirs (even though I have to confess that the parrots terrify me. Have you SEEN those beaks?) Anyway, here’s a video that illustrates the power of sibling devotion as one Corgi helps another to bust out of an unfortunate incarceration.


Boydie enjoying a dip in her indoor pool.


The great pet catastophe

I report here with a heavy heart that I’ve recently committed pet homicide. My intentions were good. Honest! Oldest daughter Yogi has a robust gaggle of fish in her tank. It started with two, of course. Friendly little fish, with no hobbies apparently to occupy their time. They began producing rafts of younglings until the tank was teeming with happy wigglers. Enter me. Water’s cloudy I said. Let’s drain out some of the dirty water and freshen things up for said fish. I suctioned, we poured in new water complete with dechlorinator. It didn’t take long. A couple hours later and the damage started to float to the top. One, then two. A half dozen and we were in the middle of a fish wipeout. Needless to say, I felt terrible. It wasn’t the first time. I killed poor Sharky the plecostomus the year before. I cried over poor Sharky and insisted we bury the poor little sucker lips in the yard only to discover the dog had dug him up. I leave the rest to your imagination. So there you go. Full confession of a pet killer. Did you ever have a similar experience? Please tell me I’m not alone in my dark hour.    Post a comment and you’ll be entered in the June contest for a Starbucks card and signed book.