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Don’t tell my students about my favorite thing…



No, not writing, not learning….my favorite thing is candy. That makes me sound so shallow, doesn’t it? I’m a hopeless sweettooth, so much so that my latest protagonist in Paws for Love is a chocolate maker. This, of course, required lots of sweet research! All these thoughts of chocolate put me in mind of a great YouTube mini series entitled Cross Country Candy Adventure! Check out the video for a chance to win some sweet prizes!


It’s a jungle celebration!

It’s the one year anniversary of Jungle Fire, my suspense novel set in Guatemala. In honor or this auspicious occasion, I offer a related blog post! “Why did you pick Guatemala for your suspense novel?” is a question I hear frequently. It all goes back to that exquisite skirt.

During my elementary school years, I was assigned a report to be written on a country of my choice. My mother suggested studying Guatemala, because she’d lived there briefly. I hit the library stacks and was mesmerized by the quetzal, the fantastical, jewel colored national bird of the country. Furthermore, my mother showed me a skirt, black, and festooned with the tiniest, most elaborate embroidery I’d ever seen, colors of green, red and ivory against a black background. (I still have that skirt, by the way.) Fast forward more years than I care to admit, and I was given the honor of writing a proposal for River North about a missionary nurse, running for her life, but where should the book be set? Light bulb moment. Guatemala, of course.

Have you enjoyed a book or movie with an exotic setting? What did you like about it? Giving away a signed copy of Jungle Fire and an Amazon gift card this month.

As a bonus, I’m running several mini contests on my Facebook page! Would love to see you there!