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Puppy Writer 101 – Tips from the dog




As I write this, I’ve got my helper Junie crammed next to me in my chair, tucked under my keyboard. (No doubt this will explain any typos and grammatical errors.) She’s new to the writing biz, but already she’s  mastered the three important points. Allow me to elucidate while my puppy helper licks a spot on the knee of my jeans.


1. Do it NOW! Yep, you may think you’re going to have time later to bang out that 1000 words or make notes about that blog you’ve been meaning to write. Don’t put it off because life is an uncertain thing, isn’t it? You never know when complications will occur (an emergency run for dog biscuits, relatives stopping over to coo at your adorable puppy, an  urgent need for a walk. ) Don’t procrastinate.

2. Take time to ponder. Yes, I know you have a million things to do and write. Me too. I’m working on two books at once, a blog, and several publicity campaigns. But you know what? Quiet time is key, too.  To pray, to ponder plots and themes, to deeply imagine characters. Some of the best writing work can occur when you are not in front of a keyboard. Pondering is important. Just ask Junie.

3. Pee happens. Ah me. In spite of all my learning about craft and technique, things are going to turn out wrong. Sigh. Passages will be flat. Characters will refuse to jump off the page. And what in the world happened to cause those middle chapters to sag like overstretched panty hose? Pee happens, as Junie will tell you. Delete. Rewrite. Clean it up. Move on. Do better next time.

You see? Puppies really are smart writers aren’t they? Do you have an animal companion? Would love to hear about him/her! Last week to enter the December contest for a signed book, gift card and treat. Winner announced Thursday! 










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