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Are you ready for transmedia?

DaydreamingOkey dokey.  I’ve pretty much got the Facebook thing down. And I’ve been known to Tweet fascinating facs about my latest books and such. I’ve even been known to whip up a book trailer or two. Obviously, I’ve made a stab at blogging, as you can tell. So when I read an article in the latest Romance Writer’s Report about getting on the transmedia bandwagon I naturally said, “Er…the WHAT?”

After reading up on the topic I can tell you that transmedia is all the rage with technosavvy readers and writers. As I understand it, transmedia is a way authors use multiple media plaforms to enhance their stories. Examples?

-interactive ebooks that expand on the printed book

-online episodes with supplementary material

-web comics

-blogs “written” by secondary characters

-fictional websites for points of interest in your novel.

All the examples are ways to help expand the story so readers can engage more deeply.

My reaction? Awww, gee. Remember when we just used to, you know, read books and engage the stories with our wee little imaginations? While my heart may long for a simpler time, my head cannot deny that we are surely living in a transmedia world.

So what do you think? Would you enjoy experiencing a story in the ways listed above? Which ones might tempt you?