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Writing humor is no laughing matter.

imageHumor is hard to write and even harder to sell. This probably explains why so few comic television series survive. As someone who loves to write humor (I know, not what you expected from a gal who’s written 15 suspense novels) I can tell you it’s much more challenging than writing drama. Why? Answer the questions below.

1. What is sad?

On this, I’ll bet we can agree. The death of a child. Human suffering. The power of addiction. Violent crime. Are we together on this? These are all terrible and tragic. If I wrote a novel featuring any one of these themes, we’re all going to feel similarly when we read it, if I’ve done my job well.

2. What is funny? Someone slipping on a banana peel? Bathroom humor? Esoteric jokes? Lies and subterfuge? Hmmm. Now we’re getting into some disagreement. Do you think Woody Allen’s humor is funny? How about Dumb and Dumber? Case in point is the movie Anchorman. My daughter thought it was hilarious. I found it juvenile and crude. Am I wrong? Is she? Nope, we’re just not going to agree because funny is a moving target.

That is why many publishers will not take a chance on humor. It’s too much of a risk to guarantee the books are going to sell. I so appreciate Harlequin Heartwarming for allowing me to write a book which is truly penned in my natural, goofy, voice. I think it’s got some hilarious moments. Will readers think so? No guarantees!

Have you ever seen a movie that was supposed to be funny and you didn’t find it so? Or conversely, did you laugh through a movie and have others disagree with you? Would love to hear your thoughts. Giving away a gift card and two books this month.