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Three comments that kill a writer’s ego.


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What’s the worst thing you can say to a writer? I’m sure there’s an impressive list that can wound our fragile egos. Here are a few that stand out in my mind.

#1) I didn’t finish your book. Oh, the agony. Was it a sagging middle? The characters weren’t fully fleshed out? You hated the font? It’s like telling a chef the food wasn’t good enough to bother eating. Excuse me, while I go throw myself into a lake!

#2) There’s not enough sex in your book. Sigh. If you want lots of graphic content, you’re just not going to get that from me. Is it possible to enjoy a book that isn’t sexually explicit? If the answer is no, I’m not your author.  We will shake hands and agree to disagree.

#3) I don’t read. Acck! Really? Like, at all? This one is perhaps the most discouraging of all. I hear it a lot from folks who get their entertainment in other ways, T.V., computer games, etc. Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but when I hear folks say they haven’t read a book since high school, I am saddened.

Are there phrases that really cut you to the quick? Would love to hear your thoughts. Giving away a Starbuck’s card, signed book and a cute fall surprise this month. 

What to read or not to read? My Leg in the Freezer Rule.

Everyone’s got them, those little personal rules that determine what you pick up off the bookshelf or download to your Kindle. Over the years my rules have changed, but here are the three I’m operating under now.
#1: The Mayan Calendar Rule
I know it’s a hot topic right now, this apocalyptic world’s ending any moment kind of thing, but I’m just not that into it. If the back cover copy is about a germ that’s going to end the world, or a zombie rampage that will bring down civilization as we know it, I’m going to pass. I guess if I want to entertain my pessimism about the future of the world I can thumb through a newspaper or read Revelation. That’s plenty harrowing for me.

#2 The Leg in the Freezer Rule
The last book I read featuring an over the top serial killer, was Silence of the Lambs and I slept with the lights on for weeks after that. I enjoy a good roller coaster plot and murder and mayhem aren’t going to turn me off, but there’s a level of graphic violence which I am unable to cross. If a serial killer is “leaving his grisly calling card” and such, I’m going to leave that book for another type of reader. Sadly, I see the trend today on TV and in books to push the envelope…the gorier the better. Er, no thanks for this reader.

#3 The Bosoms on the Cover Rule
Yep, I write romantic suspense so  love and sexual tension/attraction are okay by me but generally if there are naked people in unnatural positions on the cover of a book, it’s a sign to me that I’m not the target market for that novel. Just personal taste, not a reflection of the quality of writing. This, as my agent says, is why there have to be so many different varieties available. yard 004

So do you have any book selection rules? Any genres or topics you shy away from? Please share. Comments get you entered in the March Starbuck’s card drawing.