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In which I must leave people drowning because it’s Thursday.



Sure, I’d love to have Nora Robert’s schedule and write full time, but let’s face it…I’m no Nora Roberts! I’m just a hard working, suburbanite mom trying to raise two kids and keep up with the cost of living in Northern California! I actually have two jobs which makes me kinda crazy sometimes. Witness my angst as I leave my fictional world in a shambles while I maintain order in elementary school land! Do you feel me, hardworking writers out there? Or really, anyone who is trying to hold down two jobs?

Just tread water, why don’t you?


Are you smarter than a Nobel Laureate?

Three quotes about education from people far smarter than I (they were all Nobel Laureates.) Do you agree or disagree?

“Teaching is not entertainment, but it is unlikely to be successful unless it is entertaining.” – Herbert Simon

“The message I would give to young people is: Don’t be the best in your class. If you’re the best in your class, you’re in the wrong class.” – James Watson

“Anytime you try to teach the subject without teachers who love the subject, it is doomed to failure and is a foolish thing to do.” Richard Feynman