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Dear Angry Social Media People



Dear Angry Social Media Venters;

We certainly live in a great age, don’t we? From any device, anywhere, we have the freedom to speak our minds and beam our seat-of-the-pants thoughts out into the cyber world. So quick, so easy, and the cost to ourselves? Nada! It’s intoxicating the unbridled power, is it not? It’s like being able to eat the entire chocolate cake and fancy frosting rosettes without gaining an ounce! Shivers!

However, when I am in the middle of dashing off that hostile comment (Giants, you’re SERIOUSLY killing me this season), or a review (I mean is that REALLY how Gone Girl was supposed to end????) this little voice in my head says, “Just because you CAN say it, doesn’t mean you should.” Well why not? Chocolate cake, as we discussed before, and no weight gain! I mean…

But…my little voice reminds me as I finger the ‘submit’ button for my scathing sports remark (Giants, seriously, torture baseball again?), that there is always a cost to angry words. Could it be that the other sports fans have feelings, even DODGERS fans? Could these players that are disappointing me actually have families, fathers, children? Might it be that an author READS their reviews of the books they sweated blood and tears over, even NY Times bestselling authors? (Surely they lost any kind of feelings once they hit that level, right?)

Bottom line, my words can fan anger into more anger, can make me feel powerful in the venting of it, but at the same time, cost me something at the soul level,  in the diminishing of another to encourage myself. I think, for this moment, I will hit the delete button instead.

Blog readers…what do you think we can do to harness the incredible power of social media to encourage instead of discourage? 

Captain iPad flies the plane?

I’ve read a spiffy news item this morning that American Airlines is preparing to go paperless in the cockpits of their Boeing 777 fleet. All those handy paper manuals, navigation charts and reference materials will now be contained in that wonder tool known as the iPad. A stellar move for the environment and so easy for the pilot to locate critical information with the tap of a finger. I’m all for it….except for the teeny tiny part of me that worries how dependent we’ve become on technology. Oh I know all this important data is backed up in iClouds and iStorage and iBetItWillNeverGetLost, but still, that little voice deep down in my gut wonders. If we are totally dependant on the all-powerful Internet, what happens if it’s suddenly gone? I’ve long believed that the way to bring a nation to its knees is not with a weapons strike or an armed occupation. It will come silently, in the form of a wee little viral string of numbers and letters that takes down our power grid and internet, leaving us without our cyber brains. So that brings me back to the paperless cockpit. Really, would it hurt to carry, say, one weensy packet of paper materials wedged under the pilot’s seat maybe? Just as a backup? If there’s no room, I volunteer to schlepp it in my carry on. Seriously. I don’t mind.