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Throwback Thursday…wherein the newbie writer makes mistakes!



Did you ever bake a cake? How did your very first one turn out? You probably have fond memories, but I’m guessing it wasn’t exactly Wilton perfection. I feel the same way about my early books. Counting back some fifteen years ago, I had a passion for describing words. Oh my sunsets were sparkling with every color of the rainbow. Those characters were described down to the tiniest freckle. I suspect even the fictional pets were detailed to the ‘nth’ degree. While I am still guilty of an overuse of adverbs as my writing partners will tell you, I’ve changed. Why? In the words of Leonard Elmore, I try to leave out the parts readers skip.

Readers are smart and they don’t like to be spoon fed. Give them a hint or two, a suggestion of hair color and an interesting sketch of the setting. Don’t beat them over the head with it! Your job is to sketch out the fictional world and let their imaginations fill in the details. Lesson learned…I hope!

Do you get bored with too much description? As a reader, it didn’t used to bother me, but now when I go back and reread some of the classic books I used to enjoy, I find the description heavy handed. What are your thoughts? Giving away a January gift card and signed book this month.