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I’m never bored. You? Giveaway!


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Suspense Sisters Blog


Blogging over on the Suspense Sisters about my superhero ability….I’m never bored! Stop on by and post a comment to win an Amazon gift card!

Test your spring trivia knowledge…


imageBlogging over on the suspense sisters today.  Do you know the answer to this question?

Of the eight U.S. Presidents who died in office, how many died in the month of April?  

Click the link to find out the answer and to learn of some wacky spring happenings!

Springing into a new season…and a crazy contest!

Don’t tell my students about my favorite thing…



No, not writing, not learning….my favorite thing is candy. That makes me sound so shallow, doesn’t it? I’m a hopeless sweettooth, so much so that my latest protagonist in Paws for Love is a chocolate maker. This, of course, required lots of sweet research! All these thoughts of chocolate put me in mind of a great YouTube mini series entitled Cross Country Candy Adventure! Check out the video for a chance to win some sweet prizes!


Some fun spring news…and a giveaway!

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Here’s a link to my newest Spring newsletter! Lots of goodies, sneak peeks and book news! Take a look!


A new season with new chances to win!

Tell me about your wacky pets!





In honor of National Pet Day this weekend, I’m surveying my blogger family about their animal family members. At Mentink Manor, we’ve got a box turtle currently in hibernation, and a new puppy ready to shock the stuffing out of that turtle when she emerges from her winter’s nap. We’ve also got a parakeet who has laid 14 eggs, to date.
So what about you? Tell me one funny fact about your pet and you’re entered to win a signed book and an IHOP gift card next week. 

Is your job harder than wrestling with a polar bear?




Yeah, writing books for a living is hard work. I mean birthing rich, complicated characters engaged in meaningful struggles that will make a difference in their lives and the lives of the reader? Not easy! However, neither is my other job…teaching. Guiding 26 kids through multiple subjects, honoring their social/emotional needs and keeping in mind their various cultural/academic differences and oh by the way making sure they do well on that standardized testing? Yeah. Not easy, but you know what? Neither is driving a bus, working the customer complaint counter, being a single parent, trying to teach beginning music to 8 year olds, etc., etc. I don’t know anyone who has an easy job.

I saw this news article about a team trying to free a polar bear from a fishing net. Yep. Another job that’s harder than writing! So tell me friends….aside from wrestling with polar bears, what’s the hardest thing about your job? Giving away an Amazon gift card and a book at the end of the month.

How do you save a trapped polar bear?

Three no-nos for writers! Do you agree, readers?


It’s just as important to know what NOT to do in this wacky world of fiction writing as it is to keep abreast of the to-do list. Here are my top three ultimate no-nos for writers. Do you agree readers/writers out there in cyberland?

1. Don’t bore your reader. The easiest way to break this rule is to wax eloquent with description. I know it’s painful for writers who have an arsenal of lovely phrases at their fingertips to describe that glorious sunrise, but really, one or two sentences will do. Similarly, readers appreciate a little description of your character’s cornflower blue eyes, etc, but they just need a hint and their imaginations fill in the rest.

2. Don’t trick your reader. This is especially true for a mystery/suspense/thriller book. Writers have to sprinkle in enough clues that the reader has a shot at figuring out who the villian is, or the solution to the mystery. It’s truly bad form to drop in a villain towards the end of the book that the reader hasn’t seen before. Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! Readers like to put their detective skills to work, so don’t cheat them out of the chance to do that.

3. Don’t disrespect your reader. If someone writes to you, write back if at all possible. Emails should be aswered and blog comments replied to. The readers are your clients and without them, you are out of business. These are people like you, who love books, words, ideas and they spent some of their hard earned money and time on YOUR book, when there were many other choices they could have made. Honor that, and honor them.

So what do you think, writers and readers? What else should be on my list? Comments get you entered in the July drawing for a book and a ‘boat in a bottle’ necklace. 🙂