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Perfect gift for mom? A fun quiz.




The perfect gift for me? Well, according to this quiz, I’m gonna get a coolio crafty something from my kiddos! Imagine what your kids would say about you (or ask them personally!) and take the quiz.


Perfect Gift for Mom Quiz!

Your birth order personality…quiz time!



It’s always interesting to me as I create new characters how they will fit into their fictional families. Currently, I’m writing a series with four sisters and I happen to be one of four sisters, so I feel I am qualified! Each person plays a unique role in the family and birth order is a consideration when coming up with characters. Though I don’t think any family follows a rigid birth order personality schema, it’s interesting to note traits, isn’t it?

Take this intriguing quiz and see if if describes your birth order personality. Share your results and you’re entered to win a signed book, an iTunes gift card and a Christmas surprise. 

Birth Order Personality Quiz







 More about Dangerous Tidings.

What fall tradition are you? Quiz time!




Because I know you look to this blog as a source of critical information and a font of wisdom, here’s a quiz that will put you in the right fall mood. See which fall tradition most matches your personality. Share and you’re entered into the October drawing for a signed book, an iTunes gift card and a fall surprise!


Which fall tradition are you?  Quiz!


And as a bonus, I’m also doing a Rafflecopter giveaway for another prize pack. It’s a double whammy! 🙂


Rafflecopter Prize Pack Giveaway

What’s your perfect fall getaway spot? Quiz time!




Man, could I use a vacation. How about you? I mean with books to write, report cards to work on, the yard to prep for winter and those ominous reminders about how many days are left until Christmas, it’s no wonder I could use a fun trip! Sadly, this is not going to happen, but a girl can dream right? Here’s a fun quiz which is supposed to match your fall personality with the perfect getaway location.

Share your results and your entered to win a signed book, an iTunes card and a fall surprise!

The perfect fall getaway for you!

Which era best suits your personality? Quiz time and triple prize month!



Did you ever get the sense you were somehow living in the wrong era? After spending some time in the quaint island town of Coronado, California, I felt a bit like that. The old Hotel Del, built in 1888, was a reflection of an earlier time when people dressed for dinner, wrote letters, talked and went about their lives without the benefit of iPhones. Folks dressed without ever thinking to bare their midriffs and  other parts, even when taking a dip in their “bathing costumes.” All in all, it was a quieter life, so different than the constant noise of my present one.

Here’s a fun quiz to take to see which historical time period best suits your personality! I’d love to hear your results! Giving away a triple prize this month (Amazon gift card, Starbuck’s card and a signed book.) There’s also a spot on my website for folks to sign up for my very occasional newsletter and receive a spring freebie packet.)




What type of intelligence do you have? A quickie quiz!


This just in….I’m able to use language in many different ways, such as to entertain, to persuade and to inform, and I have strong grammar skills. 

Whew! What a relief! Take this quick quiz to find out about the ways you are intelligent! Would love to hear your results!