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Trouble at Mentink Manor…and a giveaway!

Pull up a chair and a fork. I’m having dessert and a chat with my cyber friends about treats and troubles. I’m also raffling a lovely prize. Details in the video. You don’t want to miss this one!


Author throwdown…weird animals,and embarassing junk food choices.



Hey, all. So thrilled to be discussing the nutty world of fiction writing with fellow Harvest House author Virginia Smith! Take a look at our rockstar YouTube video. Like or comment on the  video for a chance to win one of our books. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to enter the August prize pack giveaway. God bless!


Research field trips? Who needs ’em?


Why bother going on a fiction writing research field trip anyway? In today’s techno world, you can sniff out any detail on the Internet, everything from facts to pictures to interviews, so why  venture out? For me, it’s the smell of a place, the pace of life and the  seemingly unimportant details that jump out to me that make the trip worthwhile. For instance, on the last research adventure to California’s Gold Country, we arrived at the end of summer and the rolling hills were covered by dry, golden grass. It has a certain smell, in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening as the ground cools down. That smell is important and it will help add descriptive dimension and give my novel an authentic feel, I hope. Below is a quick clip from a recent research trip. We’re doing a little August prize pack contest for those who subscribe to my YouTube channel. (A gift tote and books/or an Amazon ecard for those outside the U.S.) 

Have you read a book recently that made you feel like you were there in the fictional setting? Do share! 

Top three annoying writer traits!

It’s sad, but true. Sometimes writers can be extremely irritating! Exploring this topic on the Suspense Sisters blog today and doing a little giveaway. Click the link below and take a look!


Top Three Annoying Writer Qualities


On dogs, writing… and dessert!


Hey, all. Starting a new little feature here. Take a look and see what you think. Got a little August contest going for some nifty loot! :

Take this ‘Are you a spring genius?’ Quiz!




Yes, well, I’ve er, discovered that I’m definitely NOT a spring genius after taking this Farmer’s Alamanac quiz! It does remind me, however, that I’m super glad I live in California! If you’re brave enough to give it a try, let me know how you do. I only scored a TWO. Sigh! Happy spring!

To celebrate the launch of Sit, Stay, Love, here’s a big contest with a treasure trove of goodies and  75 dollar gift card if you’d care to enter. 🙂

Sit, Stay, Love giveaway



Writing tasks I love…and don’t!


Yep, I really do have the coolest job in the world. There are two things about writing fiction that just pop my cork…and one that doesn’t!

1. Research. This is odd because during my college days, this was not my favorite way to spend time. Now I enjoy diving into places/topics that I would never cross my radar if I wasn’t a fiction writer. Lately, I’ve learned about California’s Channel Islands and the uses of a tactical pen. (I’ll let you look that one up!) You never know where a plot will take you!

2.  Finding a surprise in my own writing. Oh sure the book is outlined and sketched out completely before the proposal is ever sold, but gee! There I am in Chapter Fifteen and whammo! It occurs to me that the guy who dropped the thermos at the airport is actually going to be an assistant to the detective who has been looking for our villain the whole time! What? I didn’t see that coming.  Hopefully, the reader didn’t either!

As with any job, there are parts that I, er, don’t love. The very top of the list is synopsis writing. Oh how I detest it! The most perfect plot sounds simply ridiculous when stripped down to synopsis level. It’s like all the hard parts of writing without any of the fun! Blecchh!

So tell me about your job. What parts to you like…and not like? We’re doing a mega giant giveaway on my FB page this month. Click on the link to enter. 🙂



Giant Travels With Tippy giveaway!